Accesso Inspection Chambers are designed and manufactured to comply with BS EN 13598-2 and also with Sewers for Adoption Guidelines – SfA7, as well as Section H of the Building Regulations.

In March 2020, Sewers for Adoption 8 (SfA 8), which was due to be published, to replace SfA7, was superceded by Ofwat’s Code for Agreements.

Part of the implementation of these Agreements, has been the introduction of the Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) and it is this document, that is now being used by Specifiers, Engineers, Consultants and Water Companies, throughout the UK for Adoptable and also Non – Adoptable Drainage Design.

Parts B & C of DCG, defines the designs of two types of Inspection Chamber – Type D and E Within Part C, of the Guidance regards these designs, it stipulates that:

Inspection chambers and manholes must have a minimum 50mm fall from side inlet to main channel.

Having already been party to draft documents for SfA8, we predicted that this design feature would become mandatory requirement of the future design and construction of Non Man Entry/Adoptable Inspection Chambers and Manholes. So in 2019 we began redesigning the range.

All Accesso Inspection Chamber bases have a minimum 50mm fall from side inlets to main channel and as far as we are aware, at this present time, our Accesso 600 series Inspection Chambers, are the only 600mm diameter chambers, that have this critical design feature.

Accesso new standards diagram

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