February sees the launch of our new Accesso 450 series (450mm diameter chambers). These new chambers have been designed to meet DCG/OFWAT guidance for inspection chambers, allowing for a minimum inside diameter of 450mm for an inspection chamber.

The first new 450mm diameter chamber AIC450225B (shown above), is available now. This chamber has a 225mm main channel and 150mm side inlets, designed for twinwall connections.

In March, we will be introducing a further 450mm diameter chamber, which will have a 300mm main channel and 225mm side channels. These chambers will be available with depths from 1 metre up to 3 metres.

Our new 450mm diameter Accesso Inspection Chambers will offer significant savings compared to larger chambers with the same pipework. Expect saving in the region of 50% compared to our existing 600mm diameter ranges and even larger savings against 1050mm and above and Pre Cast Concrete chambers with the same pipework.

“This was a massive decision for us, as we recognise that this will impact significantly on sales of our 600 diameter inspection chambers. However, if we want to lead in this market sector, we must continue to design, develop and bring innovative and leading edge products and systems to the sector”. Damone Armstrong, Managing Director

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