Turtle Enviro’s new Silt Sentinel 500 is designed specifically for silt management on medium to larger housing, industrial and commercial drainage schemes.

Designed and manufactured in the UK the Silt Sentinel 500 is very robust and completely anticorrosive.

The Silt Sentinel 500 features a specially designed integral silt basket with integrated debris/flow weirs that help prevent solids and waste in the flow passing through the unit.

The silt basket holds 20 kilograms of silt and dirt and has an integrated handle, allowing it to be easily removed from the unit for emptying and maintenance by a single person.

With the option of 110mm, 160mm EN1401 or 225mm pipework connections to inlet and outlet, as well as the option of further side connections the Silt Sentinel 500 is extremely versatile.

The unit can be easily extended to suit specific site depths with separate extension risers and it comes with a 35kN loading access cover as standard.

If you require further information get in touch with our Sales and Technical team via email at  or call us on 0191 303 6315.

For further information on our full Silt Sentinel range click here.

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