Turtle Enviro are delighted to announce the launch of two new 600mm diameter models, adding to our ever increasing Accesso inspection chamber range.

Both models have undergone rigorous pre-launch testing and are now approved for distribution.

The two new models, in our Accesso 600 series range, are:

Product code: AIC600225225B
Featuring a 225mm twinwall main channel, including factory fitted rocker pipes and the option of a further two 225mm twinwall side inlets.

Product code: AIC600250B
Featuring a 250mm main channel with spigot connections that accommodate 250mm Funke HS fittings, as well as all 250mm single wall sewer pipes. There are a further two side channels that can accommodate several pipe systems with use of our range of adaptors.

Both models come in various depths from 1m to 3m, with a huge range of adaptors to connect to other pipe systems.

The new Accesso inspection chambers are available from Thursday 17th December.

If you require further information on quality, price and ease of installation get in touch with our Sales and Technical team via email at  or call us on 0191 303 6315.

For further information on our full Accesso range click here.