From upstream SuDS train to downstream control chambers Turtle Enviro manufacture an extensive range of storm and SuDS management products.

We manufacture the UK’s market leading upstream silt management system with our Silt Sentinel range through to our downstream products like our StormShark Hydrodynamic Vortex Separators and our Vortiflo Flow Control Chambers.

Vortiflo Flow Control Chambers are specifically designed for controlling the flow of storm water from large volume attenuation systems and preventing downstream flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

All Vortiflo units are designed to meet client and site specifications and achieve the specified flow rate at the given head/height.

The main chambers are manufactured from a robust, high strength polyethylene. The chamber incorporates a vortex flow control, which is factory fitted into the chamber, ready for immediate installation on site. The flow controls themselves are manufactured from 304 Grade stainless steel and available in sizes to suit an extensive range of flow rate specifications.

Turtle can help you design the most efficient and sustainable systems to suit your specific drainage design.

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