Fats, Oils & GreaseS (FOGs) Management

Turtle Enviro G-Bag Grease Trap
Turtle Enviro G-Bag in polyethylenecasing casing

G-Bag – Grease Trap

You need to ensure you purchase a grease trap that works well without kitchen staff daily or weekly maintenance and cleaning.

A grease trap that needs no costly electricity supply and doesn’t smell in daily operation or cause an odour nuisance when it needs cleaning.

The G-Bag is a uniquely designed, ‘Stress Free’ and highly effective grease trap and fully compliant with environmental and building regulations.

The G-Bag design features a unique plastic bag/trap with integrated pipe work and baffles which provides an odour free operation and can be simply and easily removed when required for replacement or maintenance.

The innovative G-Bag trap has the option of either a premium stainless steel housing or our new robust High Density Polyethylene Housing.

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GT – Underground Traps

The GT2 underground grease trap is designed as a passive grease trap. This passive design works by simply slowing the flow of wastewater, allowing it to cool and separate into 3 layers within the trap; FOGs, solids and clear water.

The FOGs form a “grease layer” at the top of the unit. Solids and food waste, being heavier, will drop to the base of the unit.

The GT’s vertical chamber design enhances the separation process, offering greater settlement and storage of solids and sludge.

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Jumbo Fat Oil and Grease Traps

Jumbo – Fat, Oil & Grease Traps

Fats, oils, grease and food waste cause major problems in our drains and sewers. When disposed of down kitchen sinks, toilets or drains, this waste congeals to form blockages which can lead to flooding and pollution.

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Turtle Enviro FOGHOG FHGM3 with separation chamber

FOGHOG – Grease Management System

Our FOGHOG is a complete Grease Management System that has been designed to meet BS EN1825 and further more stringent regulations that are being imposed on the performance for Grease Traps and Separators. Designedfor underground installation the FOGHOG comes in two sizes to suit various applications.

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FOGI – Fat, Oil & Grease Interceptors

FOGI – Fat, Oil & Grease Interceptors

The FOGI design will effectively intercept (FOGs) fats, oils and greases and solids before they enter a wastewater drainage system in so supporting the effectiveness of both the drainage system and the final treatment process. FOGI interceptors/separators are designed for larger kitchens and restaurants.

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