Flood and Rainwater Management (SuDS)

Silt Sentinel SS300110 main image

Silt Sentinel – Silt Traps and Silt Management

The Silt Sentinel Range has been designed for the catchment and removal of silt and debris from the run off from impermeable and hard standing surface areas, such as: roofs, path and driveways, patios, car parks, roads and highways. Installation of a Silt Sentinel as part of a SuDS design, will provide effective primary treatment for the surface water run off, improving water quality downstream and in turn, helping prevent flooding.

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Oriflo OFCP450 main image

Oriflo – Flow Control Chambers

The Oriflo range of flow control chambers is designed to support SuDS Management and the sewer infrastructure as part of a designed attenuation system, helping prevent flooding by controlling the flow into the main sewer. Normally sited downstream of a designed attenuation system to control the outlet flow.

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Pelican main image

PELICAN – Plot Attenuation Systems

House builders and developers are looking for better SuDS design and one of the simplest ways to optimise the sustainability, is to install localised or plot attenuation systems on single dwellings and small developments, rather than install large, extensive attenuation systems downstream of the development.

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Storm Shark SSK1000M main image

Storm Shark

The Storm Shark is an advanced hydrodynamic vortex storm water separator that provides a efficient performance in the removal of silt, hydrocarbons and floatable debris from surface water drainage systems. Storm Shark is at home as a primary treatment system or as part of an overall SuDS solution.

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Envirogully main image


Our Envirogully range offers a unique, eco-friendly and very effective method of removing hydrocarbons and oil derivatives from the surface water in the unit. The Envirogully features a specially designed adaptor, which comes pre-fitted into the overflow of the Envirogully itself. The adaptor incorporates a patented Smart Sponge® block capable of selectively removing hydrocarbons, while allowing high flow rates of surface water.

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Vortiflo main image

VORTIFLO – Vortex Flow Control Chambers

Vortiflo Flow Control Chambers are specifically designed for controlling the flow of storm water from large volume attenuation systems, preventing downstream flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

All Vortiflo units are designed in accordance to the requirements of DCG – Design & Construction Guidelines, to meet client and site specifications and achieve the specified flow rate at the given head/height.

Vortiflo chambers are manufactured in two diameters – 750mm and 1050mm, which both feature high strength twinwall bodies. 

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Buffallo Non Return Valve main image

BUFFALO – Non Return Valves

The Buffalo Non Return Valve prevents foul and surface water flowing back into the property from a blocked sewerage system to flood conditions. These unique, patented valves are simply pushed in to the existing pipe work, in the inspection chamber or manhole, whether plastic or clay. The valves are retrofit and can be fitted in seconds and do not require any specialist expertise or equipment. They are also extremely effective at preventing odours from returning via un trapped pipe systems to the property.

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