Oriflo OFCC450

Flow Control Chamber for use with 110/160mm EN 1401 and 150/225mm twinwall pipework


The Oriflo OFCC450 is a protected orifice plate – flow control chamber. Designed to support SuDS management and the sewer infrastructure, as part of a designed attenuation system, helping prevent flooding by controlling the flow into the main sewer.

Designed to be installed downstream of larger attenuation systems, ie. tank and oversized pipe systems, forming the final part of the SuDS chain.

450 diameter, single piece – factory built units, delivered to site ready to install. Integrally there is a unique SILTBLOK filter and debris barrier. The barrier protects the orifice plate from being blocked, as well as protecting the downstream watercourse.

All units feature an impact resistant, twinwall body, with a choice of main pipework diameters – 110/160mm EN 1401 and 150/225mm twinwall, with extra inlets available on request and a choice of positions from 120° to 240°. The number of extra inlets will be dependant on size of pipe and orientation.


  • Inlet pipework – 110mm EN 1401 spigot to 225mm twinwall
  • Outlet pipework – 110mm EN 1401 spigot to 225mm twinwall

Extra inlets available on request, positions from 120° to 240°

Depths available

  • 1030mm

  • 1545mm
  • 1957mm