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Designed for larger kitchens and restaurants as well as use in industrial food processing applications

Wastewater from commercial kitchens is contaminated with FOGS (fats, oils and greases). The introduction of FOGs and food solids into the general drainage/sewage system is detrimental to its proper function and has been shown to be a significant cause of blockages, restrictions and flooding.

FOGI interceptors/separators are designed for larger kitchens and restaurants as well as use in industrial food processing applications and meet all the requirements of the relevant legislation. The FOGI design conforms to both Building Regulations Part H and BS EN 1825 the British Standard for Grease Separators/Interceptors.

Turtle Enviro FOGI Grease Interceptors


The FOGI design includes a vertical chamber, which is proven to offer FOGI separation of oils and suspended greases.

The separation process is further improved by the integrated filter cassette, which will remove food and waste solids. The filter cassette is fully removable for maintenance.


● Designed in accordance to en1825

● New Vertical Design and Filter Cassette for improved separation

● Volumes – 680 litres to 6800 litres

● Large access covers allow full access for maintenance

● Corrosion Free – 50 year plus life expectancy

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