Oriflo, the recognised trademark for our orifice plate flow control chambers, come in two designs to suit most SuDS schemes requiring controlled outfall.

Oriflo P Series

  • Designed for flow control, after a pre-filtration (i.e. permeable paving and crate attenuation)
  • 300mm and 500mm diameters available with pipework to 225mm

Oriflo C Series

  • Incorporating a protective screen/baffle – to protect the orifice
  • Typically installed in oversized pipe/tank attenuation systems, where stormwater isn’t pre-filtered
  •  450mm, 600mm and 1050mm diameters available with pipework up to 450mm.

Quick and easy to install, offering significant savings on site, all models come as a one piece and factory fitted unit with depths up to 3m.

Units over 1200mm deep come with restricted access to 350mm to comply to SfA7 and building regulations. The P Series and C Series 450 models come with access covers.

To help you design the orifice size for your specification use our quick and easy flowrate calculator.

For further information please visit our Oriflo page.

For all enquiries on our flow control chambers, get in touch with our Sales and Technical team via email at  or call us on 0191 303 6315.