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Gulliblok: A sustainable construction drainage solution

7th May 2023Product Updates

The Gulliblok is a unique, eco-friendly and sustainable product created by Turtle to prevent silts and solids from migrating into watercourses via road gullies.

This product has been designed specifically for the construction stage of housing developments where there is a real issue with silt entering the water system.

Gulliblok is retained in situ during the construction phase and can be used to protect your gully, fully!

So, let’s take a look at some of the main features and benefits of the product.

The purpose of Gulliblok

Road gullies are small chambers that form the top part of surface water drainage, and as rainwater enters gratings from the road surface, this water is held in the gully before entering the underground drainage system.

We created the Gulliblok product to prevent the build-up of silts and total suspended solids (TSS) in gullies, therefore preventing particles from entering the main water drainage system.

This helps to significantly reduce the potential of a pollution incident downstream in the water course.

The sustainability of Gulliblok

The success of the Gulliblok is largely due to the integrated filter, which is also featured in our Coverblok product and is manufactured from 100% consumer plastic waste.

This filter is a unique structure that prevents clogging and has been tested and proven to remove 95% of particles above 75μm and 50-70% of particles below 75μm.

This is a sustainable way of removing particles from discharged water, as the filter basket catches any particles of silt, solids and debris, making it both environmentally friendly and carbon-positive.

An easy installation process

A major benefit of using Gulliblok on a construction site is the easy installation and removal process.

No plant or lifting equipment is required as the product is lightweight and easy to transport.

This is helpful if the Gulliblok needs to be used at different sites by the same company or partner company.

A reusable product

Once developers and teams have completed construction work onsite there are two options available depending on the waste management of each individual housing estate.

It is possible to keep the Gulliblok in place to provide a consistent and sustainable solution for pollution control, but the product should be adjusted accordingly to ensure it remains in line with the height of the new level of the road.

Alternatively, the Gulliblok can be removed and used on other sites once it has fulfilled its purpose for one housing estate.

This increases the sustainability of the product as it can be used long-term for one project or reused for the same purpose on several different occasions.

Find out more about Gulliblok, or give our sales team a call on 0191 303 6315.