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Housing development silt management solutions: What are the benefits of using Coverblok?

15th May 2023Product Updates

Coverblok is an innovative drainage product that prevents silt and solids from entering the water system via inspection chambers and access covers during the construction stage of the development.

Designed specifically for housing developments, this product offers protection for inspection chambers and access covers with clear openings of 600mm x 600mm and 675mm x 675mm.

The installation of Coverblok can prevent up to 99% of silt and total suspended solids (TSS) such as clay, sand, or soil from infiltrating surface water drainage systems.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using the Coverblok product on your construction site.

The effectiveness of the Coverblok

The Coverblok filter is arguably the most important part of this unique structure which is used to help prevent silt from passing through the Blok and entering the water drainage system.

This Blok acts as a brake to disrupt the velocity of particles, thereby causing them to drop out of suspension, meaning up to 99% of silt and TSS are effectively removed from discharged water.

In order to establish the efficiency of Coverblok for both short and long-term use, the Blok has been tested and proven to remove 95% of particles above 75μm and 50-70% of particles below 75μm.

The Siltblok filter contributes towards the overall sustainability of the Coverblok product, as it is both carbon positive and manufactured from 100% post-consumer plastic waste.

Lightweight, quick and easy to install

One of the many benefits of Coverblok, is its lightweight structure, making the product quick and easy to install as no plant or lifting equipment is required.

The Coverblok location plate is designed to be installed under manholes or access cover frames and then bedded in with concrete.

Once in the correct position, the filter basket should sit flush with the location plate to ensure unobstructed flow and easy removal.

The position of the Blok is vital as this is located at its base and this is how Coverblok effectively removes particles from the discharged water.

The product can be reused after the development and used on other sites, again, adding to the sustainability of the Coverblok product.

For more information on Coverblok, contact our sales team on 0191 303 6315 or email at [email protected]