Adaptors & Rocker Pipes

We manufacture a wide range of adaptors and reducers to connect our Accesso chambers to various pipe systems to diameters from 150mm to 450mm in twinwall pipe systems and 110mm to 315mm single wall UPVC systems.

These include connection to the following pipework systems:

  • Wavin Ultra-Rib – 150mm, 225mm and 300mm
  • Polypipe Polysewer – 225mm and 300mm
  • Marley Quantum – 225mm
  • Funke HS – 160mm, 200mm , 250mm and 315mm
  • Dyka – Ultra 3 -160mm, 200mm , 250mm and 315mm
  • 110/160mm EN1401 pipework
  • 200mm to 315mm diameter single wall Upvc pipe systems
  • All UK twinwall pipe systems from 150mm to 600mm

As well as a range of pipe reducers for 225mm and 300mm twinwall to 150mm twinwall and EN1401pipe systems.

All of our Blue Range Inspection chambers come with twinwall rocker pipes pre fitted to main channel and separate twinwall rocker pipes are available to connect to side inlets, in both 150mm and 225mm diameters.