Accesso AIC160450BR

Inspection chamber for use with 160mm and 110mm EN 1401 single wall uPVC pipe systems


450mm diameter, factory built inspection chambers, delivered to site as single piece units, ready to install, no assembly required.

This model has an injection moulded chamber base, which has 160mm socket connections to main channel and two additional 160mm side connections at 90°, as well as two 110mm sockets at 45°. All side inlets are supplied with socket plugs, which can be simply removed for use on site.


  • Main channel pipework – 160mm EN 1401
  • Optional side inlets – 2 x 90° 160mm EN 1401 and 2 x 45° 110mm EN 1401

Depths available

  • 502mm
  • 699mm
  • 896mm