Accesso AIC600200B

Inspection Chambers for use with 200mm UPVC pipe systems, including Funke HS and DYKA ULTRA 3


600mm diameter – Factory built inspection chambers, delivered to site as single piece units, ready to install, no assembly required.

All chambers feature a robust, impact resistant, rota moulded base. This model has spigots to main channel for connection to 200mm single wall, UPVC sewer pipe fittings and two further 200mm spigots at 90°. The side inlets also have connections for other 150mm pipework, using adaptors. Side inlet spigots have blind ends that can be cut off on site if required.


  • Main channel pipework – 200mm single wall UPVC spigot connection
  • Optional side inlets – 200mm or 160mm single wall UPVC spigot connection

Depths available

  • 580mm
  • 990mm
  • 1510mm
  • 1965mm
  • 2355mm