Accesso AIC600225B

Inspection chamber for use with 225mm and 150mm twinwall systems


600mm diameter – factory built inspection chambers, delivered to site as single piece units, ready to install, no assembly required.

All chambers feature a robust, impact resistant, rota moulded base. This model has 225mm twinwall connections to main channel and optional 150mm twinwall side connections at 60°, provided with blind ends, that can be cut off on site if required.

Chambers come with 225mm twinwall rocker pipes to main channel and 150mm rocker pipes are available for side inlets, as well as a wide range of adaptors to fit both main and side channels.


  • Main channel pipework – 225mm twinwall
  • Optional side inlets – 2 x 150mm twinwall

Depths available

  • 635mm
  • 1061mm
  • 1541mm
  • 1931mm
  • 2321mm