Restriction & Reduction caps

Turtle Enviro Restriction & Reduction caps

To meet with the new DCG – Design & Construction Guidance, all Accesso inspection chambers deeper than 1000mm to soffit of main pipework, require a restricted access into the chamber of maximum 350mm diameter, to comply with DCG. This is only relevant on chambers 450mm diameter and above, as the 300 series, having only a 300mm internal diameter is within that scope.

Turtle manufacture and supply a range of restricted access products to comply with DCG. From standard restriction caps for all of our ranges, which reduce the main diameter down to the required maximum 350mm diameter access. Optionally for our 600 series chambers, we manufacture a reduction cap – Product Code – 600450DC. This reduction cap reduces down from a 600 diameter access to 450mm diameter and allows for the installation of one of our access cover, which feature either a circular or square frame – Product Codes – 450ACCRA (circular) or 450 ACSRA ( Square). Both these access covers feature 350mm diameter restricted access, to comply with DCG.

Furthermore both these access covers – 450ACCRA and 450ACSRA, are designed to fit directly into our 450 series chambers, as a an option to the 450RCC standard reduction cap. Which effectively reduces the 450mm diameter chambers down to the required 350mm diameter access.