These fantastic new chambers have been designed to be installed on new build developments were there is a risk of flooding.

The government’s recent National Flood Resilience Review states that: “It is appropriate to reconsider our approaches to assessing flood risk, to reducing the likelihood of flooding, and to making our nation as resilient as possible to flooding.” (Source:

Hydra Anti-Flood Chambers will prevent back flow into the property in flood conditions, when installed as the first manhole.

The chambers come with either 1, 2 or 3 Non Return Valves installed on inlets for primary connections from the property.

All valves can be locked off for maintenance, in the chamber or downstream, and they can be removed if required.

The inlets and outlet are all 110mm connections and the overall diameter of the chamber is 350mm with a standard 500mm deep. The chambers are supplied as standard with a 200kN access cover.

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