Our new FOGHOG is a complete grease management system that has been designed to meet BS EN1825 and more recent regulations that are being imposed on the performance of grease traps and separators.

Designed for underground installation the FOGHOG comes in two sizes to suit various applications.

The FOGHOG has a strategically designed 3 stage process.

  • Stage 1 – Food waste and solids separation
    The primary unit has a fully removable filter basket that can collect up to 20 kilos of food waste. With three 110mm inlet pipework options, allowing connections from different locations.
  • Stage 2 – Main Separation Unit
    The Grease Trap or Separator has a 2 stage separation process, which will separate and remove lighter FOGs ( Fats Oil and Greases) from the flow, as well as support the removal of finer food waste, which over time will form into sludge.
  • Stage 3 – Sampling Unit (Optional)
    The final unit allows for testing of final effluent from the system to comply with industry guidelines and recommendations. Although we can supply the system without the sampling chamber, we strongly recommend that the final installation allows for approved sampling.

For further information please visit our Fats, Oils and Grease Management (FOGs) page.

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