This combined sampling and distribution chamber, is delivered to site as a one piece unit, ready to install with no assembly required. The chamber features a robust, impact resistant, rota moulded base, with the choice of 110mm or 160mm main pipe connections, as well as two further 110mm moulded spigots at 90° at the base of the unit. These side outlets are for use as a Distribution Chamber. All pipe connections come with blind ends for cutting on site, as required.


Sampling Chamber – Installed after the outlet of a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, to allow necessary sampling, to check the quality of the discharge from the system before it enters the watercourse. The inlet of the sampling chamber must be a minimum of 150mm up from the base of the chamber and also protrude into the chamber a minimum 75mm, to facilitate a sampling vessel/cup.

Distribution Chamber – Provides for the distribution of pre – treated sewerage effluent from Septic Tanks. The chamber outlets when connected, will discharge effluent into and through a designed ‘drainage field’, of perforated pipes, which then percolates into the ground.

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