Storm Shark is an Advanced Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator that provides efficient performance in the removal of silt, hydrocarbons and floatable debris from stormwater drainage systems.

These two new Storm Shark models are supplied to site, fully fitted into extremely robust polyethelene twinwall chambers, with the Storm Shark machine already fitted inside.

The two units come in either a 750mm diameter or 1050mm diameter twinwall chamber, with depths up to 5 metres.

The Storm Shark SSK750M is the smallest model we offer, despite this it is capable of supporting stormwater run-offs from over 1,000 sq metres and the SSK1000M model is capable of nearly twice that at 1700 sq metres.

Both these units are ideal for primary or core treatment of solids and hydrocarbons within a designed SuDS train.

If you require further information on our Storm Shark range, which caters for drainage areas up to 30,000 sq metres, get in touch with our Sales and Technical team via email at  or call us on 0191 303 6315.