Introducing the all new Jumbo Fat, Oil and Grease Trap.

The Jumbo is an underground, fat, oil and grease interceptor, designed to work passively. Passive designs work by simply slowing the flow of wastewater, allowing it to cool and separate into 3 layers within the interceptor – FOGs, solids and water.

FOG’s (Fats Oils and Greases), have a specific gravity, less than the water, so as the waste water enters the unit, it will then begin to separate from the water and FOGs will float to the top water level. This is known as ‘Gravity Separation’, which is a proven design and the principal that all passive grease traps/interceptors work.

The FOG’s form a ‘grease layer’ at the top of the unit, solids and food waste being heavier, will drop to the base of the unit. The Jumbo’s patented design enhances this separation process, by using the hollow baffle and step to create a defined flow path in the unit and furthermore the moulded step, offers better settlement and increased storage of solids and sludge.

Our all new Jumbo is now 22% deeper than the previous model, increasing the working volume to 340 litres, so the unit becomes a Nominal size 1 and with an increased step height, this now offers 20% more solids storage.

‘The Jumbo’s unique patented design offers a proven and effective performance against FOGs’.

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