Turtle Enviro are delighted to launch our new 450mm catch-pit for use with 150mm & 225mm twinwall pipe systems.

Factory built, our AICCP450225150B inspection chamber catch-pit is delivered to site as a single piece unit, ready to install with no assembly required.

All our chambers feature a robust, impact resistant, rota moulded base with moulded pipe connections. The main channel features both 150mm and 225mm twinwall pipe socket connections, which can be factory fitted with rocker pipes, if required. There are two further side socket connections for 150mm twinwall. These are supplied blind for optional use on site.

Our Accesso single piece chambers offer proven and significant installation savings – against other chamber systems and traditional in situ build.

If you require further information on quality, price and ease of installation get in touch with our Sales and Technical team via email at  or call us on 0191 303 6315.

To view the product click here, or further information on our full Accesso range click here.