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Oriflo flow control chambers For managING surface water flows on site

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is now a prerequisite on many developments and is being driven by the UK Government, who are demanding a more serious design approach and consideration to water storage on new and existing developments and have proven evidence to show how strategic well designed flow control within the drainage design can help prevent major flooding issues.

ORIFLO flow control systems are a range of orifice plate flow control chambers, designed to support SuDS Management and the sewer infrastructure as part of a designed attenuation system, helping prevent flooding by controlling the flow into the main sewer.

The use of orifice plate flow control chambers has proven to reduce the land requirement and make significant savings on the the cost of larger flow control units and chambers at the final outfall of the site and the use of strategically sited ORIFLO units can help optimise SuDS.

Oriflo Flow Control Chamber



For use downstream of permeable paving and crate attenuation



For use downstream of oversized pipe and tank attenuation sytems

flowrate calculator

Use our Oriflo Orifice flowrate calculator to find your correct orifice diameter
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Turtle Enviro Oriflo Flow Control Chamber 0FCP300
Turtle Enviro Oriflo OFCP500
Turtle Enviro Oriflo OFCC1050

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