Product Code: VARIOUS

The Coverblok range prevents Silt and Solids migrating into the watercourse via access covers during all construction stages. It prevents up to 99% of  Total Suspended Solids(TSS) from entering waterways via the access covers and significantly reduces the potential of a pollution incident to the downstream watercourse

Designed for use with access covers with clear openings of 600x600mm, 675x675mm and 1200x675mm

Utilising a 100% recycled thermoplastic block (blok).  This blok is installed to the bottom of the filter basket forcing all flow through the blok before reaching the waterways, filtering out TSS including silt up to 30μm (0.03mm)

These models have a recommended inspection, emptying and cleaning schedule depending on usage

Once the construction stage is complete the Coverblok can be removed or remain and replace it to the new road level, providing the site with a long term and sustainable pollution control solution