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Protecting the Watercourse: the key features and benefits of Headwallblok

4th December 2023Product Updates

Headwallblok has been designed as a distinctive product to provide a sustainable and maintainable solution to stop silt and total suspended solids (TSS) from migrating from the outlet of the stormwater drainage pipe.

This product can remove up to 99.9% of silt and TSS and has been created for housebuilders and property developers as an environmentally responsible solution for construction projects. 

Headwallblok is an easily accessible sustainable product and provides many benefits to developers during the construction process.

Keeping pollution levels down

Utilising Headwallblok during construction aids in mitigating and preventing pollution to the downstream water flow that connects to wetlands, ponds, and watercourses. 

It is manufactured from 100% post-consumer plastic waste, making it both environmentally friendly and consumer carbon-positive, providing sustainability without compromise. 

Limited maintenance required

This product needs relatively little maintenance and, if necessary, may be cleaned quickly and thoroughly with the use of a standard water hose. 

A simple, environmentally friendly installation process for high-quality performance

The thermoplastic block (BLOK) is 100% recyclable and the assembly comes already installed to the Headwallblok.  

This BLOK is installed against the headwall and is designed to receive all water flow before it reaches the downstream water flow connected to a wetland, pond, or river. This range can accommodate pipes with an internal diameter of up to 900mm. 

The BLOK slider assembly is designed to be removed and simply slips into the system’s high-strength polyethylene guide rails, which are installed to the corresponding headwall using M12 fixings (these are not provided with the product). You must ensure that the BLOK slider rails snugly fit and can move freely up and down the polyethylene guide rails before being fit into the closed position.

Guaranteed results

The biggest advantage of the Headwallblok is its guaranteed performance. In the initial usage, the Blok filter will remove up to 95% of particles above 75 microns, and as the product is used and silt builds up, the removal rate increases up to 99%. 

Headwallblok provides an accurate, sustainable water and silt management solution. We also provide other product ranges that use thermoplastic Blok to provide an eco-friendly alternative for your construction site, including Coverblok and Gulliblok from this Blok range and Siltblok from our silt management range.

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