Designed for installation upstream of large volume, cellular/crate – attenuation systems, ponds, swales and irrigation systems


Our SILTBLOK 1200 is an innovative and unique silt management product, designed and tested to filter out TSS (Total Suspended Solids), including silt to 30μm (0.03mm).

The SILTBLOK’s core technology is extremely eco friendly . . using a 100% recycled thermoplastic material, formed into a macro porous/micro porous block or (BLOK). This BLOK is then strategically designed into the SILTBLOK 1200 chamber, so that all of the flow from the connected surface areas has to pass through the BLOK itself. The BLOK then separates/filters out the Silt /TSS within the flow, allowing only cleansed water to pass through its matrix. The SILT BLOK will not blind, deteriorate or corrode . . offering an excellent sustainable solution without comprimise.


  • Inlet pipework – from 150mm to 450mm
  • Outlet pipework – from 150mm to 450mm

Depths available

  • 1560mm

  • 2035mm
  • 2495mm
  • 3015mm


    SILTBLOK SB1200 Product Drawing (DXF)