Silt Sentinel SS500HD

Designed for installation upstream of medium to large volume, cellular/crate – attenuation systems, ponds, swales and irrigation systems


500mm diameter, factory built units, delivered to site ready to install. Both units feature a robust, impact resistant, rota moulded body and come with twinwall access shafts fitted. With a choice of either 160mm EN 1401 or 225mm twinwall pipework.

Integrally there is fitted basket under the inlet to trap silt, the basket is fitted with three circular screens, which help remove debris that may enter the unit. On this model the basket is not removable, due to the restricted access. However, it can easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance.

Both models are supplied as standard with a square section access cover, which has an A15 loading, with an internal restriction of 350mm diameter. This is a mandatory requirement in the new Design and Construction Guidelines (DCG).The cover also acts as a debris cover/guard during construction. If it is not required due to the A15 loading, the access cover can be used on other 450mm diameter inspection chambers.


  • Inlet pipework – 160mm EN 1401 spigot or 225mm twinwall
  • Outlet pipework – 160mm EN 1401 spigot or 225mm twinwall

Depths available

  • 1995mm


    SS500HD Product Drawing (DXF)