STORMSHARK is an Advanced Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator that provides efficient performance in the removal of silt, hydrocarbons and floatable debris from stormwater drainage systems.

Typically used as a primary treatment system, or within a SuDS treatment train providing certainty of water quality treatment – multi-treatment water purification processes are involved.

The retention of sediments and floatables allows contaminants to be permanently removed from the environment.

The STORMSHARK MAX models are supplied pre-fitted into a HDPE chamber, ready for immediate installation.

Available in a range of 7 models, with pipework up to 600mm and pipe inverts up to 4.4m. All models work in exactly the same way, only the pipework size and depth of invert is variable.

All STORMSHARK treatment flow rates are based on the USA NJDEP protocol – whilst the NJDEP has no regulatory role or authority in the UK and Ireland, it is the best known internationally recognised standard for solids separation in stormwater.

The STORMSHARK has also been tested according to the DIBt – German Centre of Competence for Construction, which requires a far higher removal rates than most standards.

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