T-Force Fontus Packaged Pump Station


Fontus Pump Stations are designed to be used on internal (floor mounted) or external (buried) applications.

Ideal for cellar and basements and ground floor extensions where other facilities in the property discharge via gravity.

Suitable for delivering domestic grey water (not including raw sewage) and
surface water to sewer lines located at a higher level, or where gravity drainage
is not possible.

The pumps in these units is a 32mm Ama – Drainer sump pump and the chamber is supplied with a lockable 35Kn access cover.

Key features

  • Pre-assembled, fully fitted single and twin pump stations for underground installation
  • Storage Volumes from 200 to 450 litres
  • 32mm, Ama – Drainer pumps with integrated float switch, are a reliable design, very robust and being plastic corrosion free
  • Standard Lift is 6m, with 10m lift as an option
  • Variable invert depths and orientations to suit individual site conditions
  • Pre-assembled pipework for fully automatic operation
  • Non Return Valve
  • Integrated Automatic Float Switches for level control