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Unlock the Blok: Innovation in silt and TSS control

2nd June 2023Product Updates

Introducing a new and exciting range of innovative silt and TSS control products. The four Blok products in the range are specifically designed for the prevention of pollution and blockage from silts and suspended solids from surface areas – on site, in build and also post build.

All four products feature our Siltblok Silt Protection System.

Siltblok – Silt Traps
Gulliblok – Gully Protection
Coverblok – Access Cover Protection
Headwallblok – Outfall Protection

The Blok is common to all four systems and is manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste. The technology has a proven and effective performance ability and removes silts, dirt and TSS extremely effectively.

A photo montage showing the Blok range of products installed in situ.

The technology was first established in the USA for use in golf, leisure and then construction and is proven to retain silt and solids, whilst allowing the post-filtered surface water to pass through its structure.

The Blok is produced in flat sections or planks and the raw material that is used to produce the Blok is 100% post-consumer waste, mostly from plastic bottles, which make up 95% of the product.

“I have been in the construction industry for 40 years now and I’ve never come across a product like this. It truly is a phenomenon in its ability to remove Silt and suspended solids.”

We genuinely believe that the Blok range will help re-invent the future of SuDS and we thank those that have already embraced Blok products and their simple and effective technology and, more importantly, the extremely low carbon impact of the Blok.

All of the Blok products can be viewed on our website. If you would like to discuss the potential within these products for you on any of the Blok range, then contact Turtle on 0191 3036315 or email [email protected].