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Introducing our latest product in the Siltblok range: SB300TE

23rd November 2023Product Updates

We are excited to announce the launch of our SB300TE product, the latest addition to our Siltblok product range.

The SB300TE product was created with pollution control in mind, as this system helps to prevent the discharge and migration of silt and total suspended solids (TSS) into main drainage systems. The unit can be used on housing developments with multiple connections from surface water areas, such as roofing, driveways, and paving.

The SB300TE product contains a 100% recycled Block (Blok) made from post-consumer recycled thermoplastic materials such as plastic water bottles. This Blok is fitted into a rotational moulded chamber and is extremely effective at filtering out debris and silt as water is forced through the system before reaching the outlet.

For the best results on site, this product is best placed within the surface water drainage system just before the final connection to the main sewer. The base chamber of the unit has 4 x 110mm Single wall EN1401 spigot pipe connections, 3 inlets, and 1 outlet.

Lasting up to and over 50 years, each product is delivered as a single-piece factory-fitted unit and contains a filter basket with a series of four Bloks that catch silt and debris. This basket is easy to remove and clean and has a capacity of 7.5kg.

Our new SB300TE product was made available at the beginning of September and more information on this product can be found here.

If you are interested in our latest SB300TE product or would like to find out how our range of Siltblok products can benefit your upcoming project, contact us on 0191 3036315 or email us at [email protected].