Product Code: Various

The HEADWALLBLOK provides a sustainable and maintainable solution to prevent Total Suspended Solids(TSS) from migrating into the outfall of the surface water system during the construction phase, helping prevent and alleviate pollution to the downstream connected wetland, pond or watercourse

Utilising a 100% recycled thermoplastic block (BLOK).  This BLOK is installed against the headwall forcing all water flow through the BLOK before reaching the downstream connected wetland, pond or watercourse, filtering out TSS including silt up to 30μm (0.03mm)

There are 2 ranges of HEADWALLBLOKS,  the first range includes the HWB700500PE and the HWB10001000PE . These two products are designed for 100-450mm and 500-900mm pipework respectively

The second range of HEADWALLBLOKS consists of the HWB500500PEBP and the HWB10001000PEBP, which are variants that include a backing plate. These two products are designed for 100-300mm and 375-600mm pipework respectively

The BLOK slider assembly is designed to be removed and simply slides into the systems high strength polyethylene guide rails, which are installed to the respective headwall using M12 fixings (not provided). The BLOK assembly is then inserted into the mounted guide rails

These models have a recommended inspection, emptying and cleaning schedule depending on usage