Product Code: OFCC1050450300B

The Oriflo range is a series of Orifice Flow Control Chambers accommodating a range of flow rates

Within the Oriflo range we have our protected orifice chambers that features a 100% recycled thermoplastic block (blok).  This blok is installed into our rotational moulded chambers forcing all flow through the blok before reaching the outlet, filtering out Total Suspended Solids including silt up to 30μm (0.03mm)

1050mm diameter, pre-assembled flow control chamber, delivered ready to install

The OFCP1050 model is designed for larger flow rates which can be increased when introduced to systems with larger depth head drops

This model has a rotational moulded chamber base with 300mm or 450mm main channel socket connections including two further 300mm side inlets at 90°and 270° off centre from the outlet at 0°. Side inlets are supplied as blanked ends that can be used as required

This model has a recommended inspection, emptying and cleaning schedule depending on usage