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Undercover protection: the key features and benefits of our Coverblok range

13th December 2023Product Updates

Coverblok is an innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable product. During the course of construction the Coverblok prevents silt and total suspended solids (TSS) from entering the watercourse through inspection chambers and access chambers. 

The Coverblok range offers efficient and eco-friendly advantages. Below we have summarised the key features and how to install this product on site.

An eco-friendly solution

Coverblok products can lower the probability of a pollution incident occurring in the downstream watercourse considerably by stopping up to 99% of silt and TSS from entering the surface-water drainage system via the inspection/access cover.

With proper maintenance, our Coverblok products are intended to endure over 50 years, and once removed, they are reusable on other sites. 

An easy installation and maintenance process

Installing Coverblok is both simple and efficient. Utilising a 100% post-consumer recycled thermoplastic block (BLOK), it is intended for use with inspection/access covers that have clear holes of 600 x 600, 675 x 675, and 1350 x 675 millimetres.

Once the location plate, which supports the filter basket, is placed beneath the frame of the access cover it must be bedded in with concrete. After this, the cover and frame must be placed on the concrete bed, positioning them so that the filter basket is in the centre and can be removed without difficulty. 

You must regularly check the levels in the basket as once it reaches the optimal level, the filter needs to be cleaned and the basket must be cleared out.

You can benefit from guaranteed results

By serving as a brake that decreases the particle velocity and drops them out of suspension, the filter eliminates particles from discharged water. On the first usage, the planks will remove around 95% of particles larger than 75 um, and as the product is used and silt builds up, the removal rate will typically increase up to 99.9%. 

By investing in one of our Coverblok products, you can ensure that your project offers a sustainable pollution management solution on-site.

We also provide other product ranges that use the thermoplastic Blok to provide an eco-friendly alternative to your construction site, including Headwallblok and Gulliblok in this range as well as the Siltblok silt management range.

To speak to our team about our range of products, call our sales team on 0191 303 6315 or learn more here.