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A sustainable solution: the benefits of using our Chamberblok range on your development

18th April 2024Product Updates

Chamberblok is a product line that is innovative, safe for the environment, and completely sustainable.

Our Chamberblok range was designed for housebuilders and developers to provide a long-term, maintainable solution that prevents slit and suspended soils from migrating to the surface water system during the construction phase.

The Chamberblok range provides numerous efficient and sustainable benefits. We’ve summarised these below, along with instructions for installing these products on-site.

Offering a powerful performance

Chamberblok’s filtering system removes particles from discharged water by acting as a brake, disrupting particle velocity and causing them to drop out of suspension. For particles larger than 75µm, it can remove approximately 95% on first use and up to 99% with continued use. Below 75µm, it will reduce the silt by 95%, decreasing depending on the concentration.

With this high-efficiency rate, the product’s efforts help to prevent and mitigate pollution caused by these particles in the downstream wetland, pond, or watercourse.

A seamless installation and maintenance process

Chamberblok is available in two designs: ‘wall-mounted’, which sits over the outlet on an internally constructed headwall, and ‘in-line’, which is installed with formed benching. Both designs are simple to install and require minimal maintenance.

To install the ‘wall-mounted’ model, first attach the mounting/backing plate to an internal headwall, ensuring that the machined opening is centrally located above the outlet and that the unit is level. Once completed, use the appropriate concrete fixing to secure the headwall. When this is secured, ensure that the BLOK slider rails can freely move up and down the polyethene guide rails and set in the closed position.

Installing Chamberblok’s ‘in-line’ model is just as simple. First, install the guide rails directly onto (or optionally integrated into) the formed benching. Once installed, ensure the Siltblok slider rails move freely up and down in the polyethene rails. The BLOK assembly can then be inserted into the mounted guide rails and set in the closed position.

Both models can be quickly and efficiently cleaned using a standard hose pipe.

A completely sustainable solution

Chamberblok is an environmentally friendly and carbon-positive product line made entirely of post-consumer plastic waste. It can also be removed and reused without losing performance, offering customers a completely sustainable solution.

Investing in one of our Chamberblok products ensures that your project provides a long-term pollution management solution on-site.

We also offer other ranges that use our thermoplastic Blok to provide an eco-friendly alternative to your construction site, including Siltblok, Headwallblok, Coverblok and Gulliblok.

To speak with one of our team members about our product range, call 0191 303 6315 or find out more here.